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  Profile - Sir Isaac Emanuel Hyatali

The Honourable Sir Isaac Emanuel Hyatali, TC, KB, left the Industrial Court to assume duties as Chief Justice of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (1972-1983). 

He attended Naparima College and was admitted to practice law at the Court of Gray’s Inn in London in 1947.  His judicial appointments include Judge of the High Court on March 18, 1939. He became a Judge of the Court of Appeal in 1962 and was knighted by Her Majesty, The Queen, in 1973. One year later, he received the Trinity Cross, then Trinidad and Tobago’s highest national award.  

He served as Chairman of the Constitution Commission in 1987; the Commission is still known today as the Hyatali Commission. At the time of his passing on December 2, 2000, he was Chairman of the Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC).