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The Court and You

Categories of Documents in the possession of the Industrial Court
  1. Legislation and other legal instruments (Laws of TT, Gazettes and subsidiary legislation)
  2. Registry files dealing with all trade disputes, industrial relations offences, essential services disputes, Retrenchment and Severance Benefits Disputes, Maternity Protection Disputes, Minimum Wages Disputes, applications for interpretations, interim decisions, injunctions, hearings de novo, etc. These files contain notes of evidence and arguments particular to the dispute.
  3. Court decisions 1965 – present
  4. Local newspaper clippings on commentary on the Court, industrial relations, labour, trade unions, employment conditions, public sector policies.
  5. Research notes produced by the Office of Economic and Industrial Research.
  6. Registered collective agreements; registered memorandum of agreements.
  7. Verbatim notes of evidence.
  8. ILO reports, law reports, books and periodicals on industrial relations, employment, trade unions, management, economics and other peripheral subjects.

The Effect of the Industrial Court’s functions on members of the public
The work of the Court impacts directly on members of the public. The Court in its decisions lays down key principles and guidelines for the conduct of good industrial relations thus setting the climate for industrial stability. This allows the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to continue to receive these services that are essential to their daily lives.

Material prepared for publication or inspection
The public may inspect and/or obtain copies of the following material between the hours of 8 a.m. to on normal working days at:

The Library
Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago
Cor. Queen and St. Vincent Streets, P.O.S.
Tel: 623-1304-8 exts. 2274-77 Fax: 623-6179;


6 Irving Street, San Fernando
Tel: 652-5015 Fax 659-0965

  • Judgments of the Court from 1965 – present.
  • Annual bound volumes of Industrial Court Judgments. Presently available are volumes for years 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999. Cost per volume is $600.00.
  • Labour legislation (I.R.A., R.S.B. Act, Minimum Wages Legislation, Maternity Protection Act). Cost per set is $300.00. The public can refer to the Library's on-line catalogue or card catalogue for details on Court judgments.

The public may also inspect and/or obtain copies of the following material between the hours of 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m. on normal working days at:

The Office of Economic and Industrial Research
Tel: 623-1304-8 exts. 2296, 2301-4

  • Registered collective agreements.
  • Research notes on economic and industrial relations data.

Literature available by subscription
Members of the public may subscribe for the following material:

  • Current year’s judgments - - quarterly subscription.

Cost varies per quarter depending on the number of pages per judgment. Requests to be made in writing to:

The Librarian III
Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago
St. Vincent St., P.O.S.
Tel: 623-1304-8 ext. 2274-77