Practice Directions [COVID-19 Emergency Directions]



The Industrial Court of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has noted the evolving developments locally and internationally on the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and as a result has put several measures in place in order to protect and safeguard the staff and the public against potential exposure to the virus. 

WHEREAS the Industrial Court of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago remains committed to ensuring that there is continued access to justice for all citizens, while at the same token ensuring the safety and protection of the Courts’ staff and the public. 

WHEREAS the Industrial Court wishes

  1. To advise that the safety and health of the public is paramount
  2. To advise that every effort is made to ensure that there is a secure, safe and sterile environment for all staff, stakeholders and users of the Court
  3. To reduce the number of persons attending the Court buildings.
  4. To minimize contact between the staff and the public

The following measures have been implemented from Friday 13th March, 2020, until further notice:-


1.   Effective Monday 16th March, 2020, all Case Management Conferences have been postponed at the North and South Courts until further notice.  


2.   Effective Monday 16th March, 2020, all Conciliation hearings have been adjourned except matters for which status reports and Terms of Settlements are outstanding. 


3.   All Hearings in Open Court will continue as scheduled. 


4.    The Industrial Court has taken the following measures to minimize contact between the public and  staff.

a)    DROP BOX

Effective Tuesday the 17th of March, 2020, a drop box has been placed at the Courts’ entrances and must be used by all litigants to submit Evidence and Arguments, Witness Statements, correspondence and other documents. NO FILING WILL BE ALLOWED AT THE REGISTRIES’ COUNTERS. The staff of the Court will process all documents and parties can return for their stamped copies one hour after the time of the initial deposit in the said drop box.


Effective Monday the 16th of March, 2020, the serving of documents, orders and notices of the Court by Bailiffs are suspended till further notice.  Stakeholders, litigants and parties to all disputes will be contacted via telephone by staff in this regard.


The services of the Industrial Courts’ North and South Libraries are suspended with immediate effect save in exceptional circumstances.

d)    Users of the court are urged to limit the attendees to Court hearings to the parties directly involved, namely Witnesses, Attorneys and Industrial Relations Representatives. Persons who are not directly involved in the matters before the Court will not be permitted to enter and to sit in the Courtroom.  

e)    All users of the Court will be required to sanitize their hands before they enter into the court rooms. Hand sanitizer will be provided. 

f)    The Industrial Court reserves the right to deny persons from entering the Courts’ premises if that person exhibits flu-like symptoms. 

g)    The Industrial Court continues to provide an environment which is sterile by ensuring that:- 

  • All door knobs, door handles and the elevators are cleaned and sterilized on a regular basis throughout the day. 
  • All counters, chairs, tables, court rooms, witness rooms and washrooms are cleaned and sterilized a minimum of three (3) times a day. 
  • Effective Monday the 16th of March, 2020, the Court security will mann the entrances of the North and South Industrial Courts and open and close the doors to these entrances. This will ensure that the staff and the public do not make contact with the door knobs or door handles in an effort to protect and safeguard them against the potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. 

h)    Trade Unions, Employers, Attorneys and Industrial Relations Representatives seeking adjournments and those who may be in a high risk category, those who may be ill or quarantined or those who otherwise cannot attend court can call the Court offices at 1-868-225-4288 ext. 2201-9 [North] ext. 1103-5 [South] or contact the Assistant Registrar or Court Administrator or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dated this 17th day of March, 2020



Her Honor Mrs. Deborah Thomas-Felix