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Dr. Sterling Frost ORTT
Lay Assessor 

Professor Sterling Frost has three decades of Global Corporate career experience in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean region. He is an International Management Executive who has held senior positions in the financial services sector in a range of areas including Retail and Commercial Banking, Operations Management, Public Affairs and Human Resource Management.

Before joining the First Citizens Group in 2016 as Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Operations and Administration, he served as Director of Human Resources at the Miami based Citibank Latin America Head Office. There, he had oversight of 12,000 employees across 13 countries in the Central American and Caribbean region, serving 1.2 million clients. His past directorships include financial institutions across Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. He currently serves on the Boards of several subsidiaries within the First Citizens Group.

Professor Frost has a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in Business Administration from The University of the West Indies (The UWI). In February 2019, he was appointed Professor of Practice: Management Studies at The UWI, St. Augustine, in recognition of his professional competence, distinguished practice, notable teaching and service contributions. He is the recipient of The UWI Inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award conferred in 2011 on high-performing individuals who consistently operate at world-class levels. In 2021 the Institute of Banking of Trinidad and Tobago in its 31-year history of granting Fellowship Awards, honoured Professor Frost as the first person to be conferred a Fellowship Award in the category of: Substantial Contribution towards the Advancement of Knowledge of the Theory of Banking and Finance.

Professor Frost has consistently been committed to the transfer of knowledge and strategies for change that builds efficiencies across several sectors through his post graduate teaching contributions at The UWI since 2004 to present. He is First Examiner and Adjunct Lecturer at The UWI for several courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. He specializes in the areas of Organizational Behaviour and Development, Human Resource Management, Cross-Cultural Management, Strategic Planning, Strategic Leadership, Strategic Performance Management and Change Management.

He is committed to advancing optimal national development for all sectors through his contribution to various government, academic and civil society organizations as reflected in his Chairmanship of The Lydian Singers, as Chair of the The UWI Faculty of Social Sciences Advisory Board, Chair of The UWI Institute for Gender and Development Studies External Advisory Board, Chair of The UWI Development and Endowment Fund and Chair of the Board of the Foundation for Enhancement and Enrichment of Life (FEEL)and Chair of the First Citizens Foundation. He also serves as Deputy Chair of the Public Service Commission and Director of the St Lucia Electricity Services Limited.

courtesy visit of the cj of bahamas 14 08 2019 800x534

The Chief Justice of the Bahamas, the Honourable Mr. Justice Brian Moree (second from left) was welcomed to the Industrial Court (IC) by the Vice President, His Honour Mr. Herbert Soverall (second from right) on a courtesy visit to the Industrial Court on August 14, 2019.

Seated from left: the Honourable Bernard Turner and the Honourable Ian Winder, Justices of the Supreme Court, Bahamas.

Standing from left: Mrs. Youland Robinson, Court Administrator, IC; Mr. Henryk Montygierd, Consultant to the Inter-Amercian Development Bank (IDB); Dr. Dorcas Cox, Project Coordinator, IDB; Ms. Camille Darville-Gomez, Registrar for the Supreme Court, Bahamas; Mrs. Kathy-Ann Alexander-Fraser, Registrar, IC; Mr. Drazen Komarica, Information Technology Consultant, Bahamas; Dr. Sandra Dean Patterson, Director of the Crisis Centre, Bahamas and Mr. Vernal Collie of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Bahamas.

The library’s collection consists of both primary and secondary resources - judgments, ILO reports, law reports, monographs, statutes, periodicals, information files, speeches, laws and electronic resources on industrial relations, employment, trade unions, management, economics and other peripheral subjects. The North Library collection consists of about 6,000 books, 37 Series titles and about 25 law reports. The South Library has about 3,500 books, 20 Series titles and 8 law reports.

The monographs are classified according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) scheme. Periodicals/journals and Law Reports are arranged in strictly alphabetical order.

Judgment Collection:

This collection consists of all Judgments delivered at the Industrial Court since 1965 as well as the relevant Court of Appeal / High Court judgment.


Texts on employment law, industrial relations, occupational health and safety, business, leadership, management, economics, psychology, legal writing...

Law Reports:

Our collection of law reports range from All England Law Reports to West Indian Law Reports. See full listing below:

  • Atkins Court Forms
  • All England Law Reports
  • Commonwealth Law Reports
  • Dominion Law Report
  • Halsbury's Law of England
  • Industrial Cases Report
  • International Labour Law Report
  • Knights Industrial Reports
  • Labour Arbitration Cases
  • New South Wales Law Reports
  • New Zealand Law Reports
  • Times Law Reports
  • Trinidad and Tobago Law Reports
  • Union Labour Reports
  • West Indian Reports 

Information Files:

The daily newspapers are indexed on topics relevant to the Court and entered in the Library’s database – EOS.


The collection consist of legal, social, and economic related journals. 

Online Databases:

The Library subscribes to the LEXISNEXIS databases. This is accessed by authorized personnel only.

Special Collections:

  • International Labour Organization publications
  • Speeches (Special sitting speeches and papers presented by the President of the Industrial Court, as well as past presidents and member)
  • Industrial Court bibliography – Newspaper articles, journal articles, book extracts as it relates to the discussion on the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago. Video presentation: A historical perspective of the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago.historical perspective of the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • 50th Anniversary historical magazine - This historical magazine titled "Journey to Gold: Industrial Court 1965-2015" features personal experiences and views from industrial relations practitioners as well as past and present judges. It also presents the Hansard records of the debate on the Industrial Stabilization Bill in the House of Representatives.